People Don’t Take Trips, Trips Take People

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck.

The excitement. Oh, my God, -the excitement. It’s like a scent, something palpable like a presence in an empty room, the immediate warmth that overcomes you thinking about a beloved family member or old friend no longer with us. Not the fidgety, restless excitement of a child on Christmas Eve but something better.

We at The Writers’ Retreat of San Buenas are pleased we sold out of our first retreat which will be arriving January 29th through February 4th. Currently, we are planning two, possibly 3 more retreats in 2017 and we will be looking for more guest instructors.

Will Viharo is our first guest author at The Writers’ Retreat of San Buenas and will be conducting daily workshops in the afternoon and in the mornings after breakfast, I will be providing workshops as well.

San Buenas translates to Saint Good but it could also mean Paradise. It’s not possible to be there without finding inspiration. The moment you arrive you will want to capture it forever in words and we are giving you an opportunity to do so. You will fall in love with this place and magically, you’ll do your best writing.

When I lived in San Buenas last winter, I wrote a novel, maintained an active blog, and scribbled in my journal daily. The novel’s getting published in early 2017, and I look over my blogs and journal entries and realize it was the best writing I ever did.

There’s something magical about San Buenas and you’ll feel it. In the end, you will do some of your best writing as well. This trip will enrich your life.

We will be taking pictures of the retreat as it’s happening, during the meet and greet, the workshops, and the events we’ve got planned and scheduled.

Keep an eye out for these pictures and the testimonials that’ll follow.

As the holiday season comes upon us, Nick Halverson and I will be busy with our families. Of course, we encourage everybody else to do the same. And Happy Holidays, beautiful people. Go spend some quality time with family and friends.

However, after first of the year, our entire focus will be on The Writers’ Retreat of San Buenas.

This retreat belongs to everybody, from the seasoned professional to the person who has always wanted to write but has never done so, The Writers’ Retreat of San Buenas belongs to everybody.

Think about that Steinbeck quote and let The Writers’ Retreat of San Buenas take you.