The Best is Yet to Come

It’s Not Bad News. Simply, it’s news. In the long run I think it will be great thing. Emphatically, we are making the right decision.

Nick Halverson and I, after much thought and discussion, have decided to cancel our upcoming summer retreat.

Our first retreat exceeded all expectations. A huge success, each attendee thrived and produced great work and it was shocking how well the attendees got along which doesn’t always happen when a bunch of creative types get together. If I have one regret regardig the first retreat is that we failed to record Spoken Word Night. It was ridiculously fun and the work each attendee performed was extraordinary. Actor John Kapelos suggested a reunion for the first retreat attendees in the next ‘3 to 5 years.’ I hope it happens.
Because of the success of our first retreat, we took it for granted the next retreat would sell-out quickly. However, the timing has been bad for everybody. We changed the dates more than once and each writer who expressed a genuine interest in coming down to The Writers’ Retreat of San Buenas has invaribly said that timing is an issue. And to put it bluntly, when the weather in ‘The States’ turns warm, Americans don’t necessarily feel a desire to visit a Central American paradise. There’s no bad time to come to Costa Rica but the desire to visit isn’t as overwhelming as it is in winter.
WE ARE NOT CANCELLING THE RETREAT ALTOGETHER!! The co-creation of The Writers’ Retreat of San Buenas is in my personal top 3 for proudest accomplishments and the week of our first retreat was THE GREATEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!! Nick, who has been coming down and doing retreats in Costa Rica for 12 years, said it was one of the best retreats he had ever done. For now, we are keeping the retreat an annual event to be done at the beginning of the year. Our next retreat will be in January, maybe early February of 2018. We will make some changes to make the retreat bigger and better but keeping it intimate. We will announce exact dates soon. Thank you so much for your interest and time. Please, contact us if you have any questions. The best is yet to come.